Lewes shoppers invited to “unpack the plastic”

Sir David Attenborough made an unexpected appearance at Waitrose in Lewes on Saturday 12 May, when a lifesize cut-out of the famous naturalist was used by Plastic Free Lewes to help urge shoppers to "unpack the plastic".


Plastic Free Lewes is lobbying the local supermarkets to reduce their amount of plastic packaging and encouraging shoppers to think about what plastic they could do without. The group handed out leaflets providing tips for cutting down on plastic when shopping and set out a wishlist of actions they'd like the supermarkets to take to help tackle plastic pollution (see below).


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What could we do while shopping?


We want all supermarkets to agree to:


"Half of the 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste that UK households generate every year is created by Britain's leading supermarkets," says Lynda Durrant of Plastic Free Lewes's supermarkets group, "The supermarkets can no longer say this is the shopper's problem to sort out. If we are going to tackle global plastic pollution, the supermarkets have to start taking responsibility for their contribution to it." 

Shoppers are also being urged to take back the plastic to supermarkets every first Saturday of the month as part of a national campaign spearheaded by #notourplasticproblem.

See more about Plastic Free Lewes and dates of monthly meetings, here...