Transition Library

When: September 2007
Contact: Adrienne Campbell 

In the spring of 2007 a few of us approached Lewes Library to ask whether they would consider stocking books about climate change and peak oil. Not only were they willing, but they enthusiastically took up the challenge and ordered several dozen books compiled by all the people initially involved in TTL.

The leaflet given out by the library is below.  Click here for a write up of the launch event

Reception to launch and Great Reskilling of Lewes and Lewes Library's new collection of books on climate change and peak oil

Tuesday 18th September 2007, 6pm, Lewes Library, free

About 35 people attended the dual launch of Transition Books at Lewes Library and the Great Reskilling of Lewes. Melanie Nicholls, Senior Librarian at Lewes Library, had ordered a splendid range of books about climate change and peak oil (see below for the Reading List), as well as books on reskilling, which will be on display in the library over the coming month along with a leaflet pointing people to the books.

Launching the Great Reskilling, Cllr Bob Tidy of East Sussex County Council pledged council support to Transition Town Lewes. Just that day, he said, ESCC councillors had met to discuss the strategic plan for the County over the next decade. Climate Change, apparently, was by far the largest concern for all the councillors, although energy scarcity, he admitted, was not yet being discussed. Cllr Tidy said how impressed he was with the work being done by Transition Town Lewes and that he looked forward to creating a strong working relationship and a sharing of knowledge with TTL as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of our community, and preparing for the effects of climate change.

Pippa Johns of the Brighton Permaculture Trust spoke about the roots of TTL in permaculture, and the need to look at the whole picture while working towards practical solutions. She spoke about the way in which permaculture takes principles by which natural ecosystems work and applies them to human environments. Thus we see that a natural woodland is a robust, self-perpetuating, no-waste community made up of lots of different elements all supporting each other and thus the whole. In the transition town movement this is precisely what we are hoping to create for our own local communities and we can use Permaculture principles and design tools to help us achieve this.

Adrienne Campbell told the gathering about the work of TTL to date and how we’re steadily bringing more issues in to the picture this Autumn such as the need to repair the Lewes economy, once thriving in Victorian times. The Great Reskilling, she said, was a way to revive basic skills such as growing, cooking and mending, as well as crafts such as basket making and rug weaving, in order to rebuild resilience in to our lives, which will be very different, and possibly much better, as oil supplies decline and become less affordable.

Andi Mindel’s locally sourced food fuelled much admiration, especially her pastries, the recipe for which is here.

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