Tingle's Way


When Colin Tingle died in May last year there was a strong feeling that we wanted to create something that would recognise his work and unique contribution. Tingle's Way is beginning to evolve; it will be a routeway for walkers & cyclists coming off the South Downs Way, through the urban centre of Lewes and on to Egrets Way leading along to Newhaven. It will also be a tangible way to understand Colin's philosophy around the vital benefits that Nature brings to our lives. He saw the natural capital as the 'stock' of nature and the ecosystems services as the flow of benefits from nature. Actual 'goods' are provided from ecosystems services that in turn impacts the lives of all of us.

Colin was passionate about educating and inspiring people to see how valuable nature is and how everything is connected. 

Colin worked collaboratively with these ideas and so many people from various approaches are keen to help connect on this project. A Steering group is forming to coordinate efforts and various sites have already been identified as being specific points of interest to illustrate the concepts of natural capital & naturegain. Discussions are underway to see if Tingle's Way can officially form a link to the South Downs Way.

If you'd like to know more about this or identify certain key sites that you like, please get in touch: enquiries@transitiontownlewes.org