Recycle your Read!

A Book Crossing project from the Arts Group

Project: 2007
Contact: The Arts group (now disbanded)

Transition Town Lewes Arts Group launches environmental Bookcrossing

Look around Lewes over the coming week and you might be struck by the number of books you see lying around in public places. Then you might notice the titles -  I Count: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Climate Bliss, Six Degrees, Our Future on a Hotter Planet, The Last Oil Shock, Natural Babycare and others along a similar theme.

This is Recycle Your Read!, an idea developed from Bookcrossing, the international book reading phenomenon that releases unwanted books 'into the wild' to be read and reviewed by anyone who picks them up. The Lewes Bookcrossing project is the first initiative of Transition Town Lewes Arts Group who are releasing twelve green-themed books into the public places and spaces of the town.

Each book has a special number that has been registered at the where the bookfinder goes to say that he has found a particular book and hopefully what they think of it before passing it on.

As well as saving trees by recycling your books Transition Town Lewes Arts Group hopes to empower community action by encouraging people to learn more about climate change, peak oil, food security and the other long term effects of our increasingly industrialised world.

Readers are also being encouraged to donate books to Recycle your Read! by dropping them off at Transition Town Lewes, 66 High Street, Lewes BN7 1XG.

Full list of books being released: Diggers and Dreamers (Ed. Sarah Bunker, Christine Charnock, Chris Coates, David Hodgson and Jonathan How), I Count: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Climate Bliss (Stop Climate Chaos); The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (Doris Lessing); Natural Babycare (Julia Goodwin); Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia; Six Degrees (Stephan Harding): Our Future on a Hotter Planet (Mark Lynas); How We Can Save the Planet (Mayer Hillman); The Last Oil Shock (David Strahan); A Good Life: The Guide to Ethical Living(Leo Hickman); What on Earth are We Doing? (Craig Donnellan); Energy Alternatives and Green Baby (Gilly Smith).

For more information about Bookcrossing click here... 

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