Lewes Eco Open Houses

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Lewes Eco Open Houses 2014

  The dates for 2014 Eco Open Houses were 13 & 14 September for Lewes, 20 & 21 September for the surrounding villages.

Lewes Eco Open Houses 2013

There was a fantastic response to last year’s Lewes Eco Open Houses event with more than 900 house visits – approximately double the number for last year’s event – over two weekends. People were keen to know how they could implement similar measures in their own homes: 54% said they would definitely take similar action at home and a further 34% were open to the possibility of doing so.

Highlights were the impressive new build at 106 Prince Edwards Rd and Ian McKay’s award winning home in Barons Down. A surprise favourite was the Cube (left), an experiment in compact living in Laughton, which received 60 visitors in a day, despite being 7 miles away.

Information about ways to cut energy use

Areas currently planned are shown below, but please be patient as this takes time to compile!

Magnetic Secondary double glazing (there are other types, but we feature this method as a good balance of cost/robustness/aesthetics/reliability)

- Information about benefits, costs and suppliers

    - Personal experiences

    Led Lighting

      - Information about benefits, costs and suppliers

      Solid wall insulation


      If you are on the point of installing any particular measure and would like to consult a householder who has already done so, please contact us and we will see if we can arrange it. Initially contact either
      Neil Williams
      or Julia Waterlow


      This webpage arose out of the very popular Lewes Eco Open House event, which is organised annually by TTL energy group, with funding from sources including South Downs National Park and Lewes District Council. It was created in response to the high demand from people wanting to make their houses more energy efficient, who have asked for more information on how to go about this.