Heat More Greens!

An initiative for Lewes householders to block buy and install solar thermal panels

Started: January 2007
Contact: Andrew Mason

An individual resident decided to form a buying group to block buy and install solar thermal water heaters. He invited widely using a creative flyer and then had personal discussions with all the enquirers to work out the issues.

See below for his update:

AUTUMN 07 UPDATE: SIGN UP NOW AND JOIN THE THIRTY LEWES HOUSEHOLDS that have come together to form a buying group to get the price of solar panels for hot water down.

Contracts will still be between supplier and household, yet the power of block buying is brought to bear on supply and installation. There is no cost or obligation at this stage. This is a long term project with installations targeted for 2008. Let’s not rush, let’s just get it right - together.

Click here to for a summary of basic issues

To express interest please e-mail Andrew Manson

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