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LED Lighting: A Beginner's Guide 2016


Confused about lightbulbs and what to buy? Is it worth changing your existing ones for LED? 

Read this: 
LED Lighting: A Beginner's Guide (2016)
by one of our local Lewes Eco Open House hosts, Jill Goulder.

And a reminder that she also has a guide to neat and easy-to-install secondary glazing, including a useful video






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Magnetic secondary double glazing



What are the benefits?

Savings - Insulating 5 windows cuts average heating bills by 7% or more.
Comfort – cuts draughts and removes cold spots near windows. It can also cut noise.
Stops condensation
Cheap! Costs as little as £60/80 per sash window versus £600-900 for uPVC, or £1200-1500 for conservation grade replacements.
Simple to fit.
Unobtrusive – you can hardly see it.
Easy to take down.