On Friday 19th October the Depot launched a Donate-a-Drink scheme to support local food banks. The scheme is a Lewes Pound initiative aimed at supporting those with the greatest need. Visitors to foodbanks rarely have spare cash for coffee out, but they need a treat as much as anyone else.

How does it work? When placing your order at the Depot simply tell the staff member that you'd like to donate a drink to the food bank. They add the £3 Donate-a-Drink item to your bill. This money will be set aside and converted into Lewes Pounds to be given out to clients of food banks. It is as simple as that. The first payments will be before Christmas so food bank customers can get out for a festive treat. 

Last Christmas the Lewes Pound gave out LPs to visitors to food banks following a bequest from TTL’s Colin Tingle. We heard such touching stories of how people used them that we wanted to do more to give them more agency over their lives. We believe that this scheme will make a big impact on the well-being of many Lewes residents - the Landport food bank alone is now feeding nearly 100 people every week.

Carmen Slijpen from Depot saw this scheme - a variant on 'paying forward' plans that are successful elsewhere - as an opportunity to do more about social and financial inclusion in a town where the less well-off are often hidden in plain sight. Depot already works with the Lewes Pound as an issuing point and accepting Lewes Pounds in payment so this is a natural partnership. The beneficiaries will be made very welcome at Depot, but can spend their LPs in any local business that accepts them

This idea has been developed with the Lewes Pound and the Depot, though hopefully other businesses will get involved in due course.

NB You can ‘Donate-a-drink’ at the Depot in either sterling or Lewes Pounds.