Keep on Donating a Drink at the Depot

The Lewes Pounds features in a new book called BRITISH TRANSITION TOWN MONEY by Guy Singer, a very comprehensive overview of all British independent currencies, some no longer active. As with the other currencies featured there is a brief history plus information about and illustrations of all the notes issued so far. We at the Lewes Pound are particularly pleased with his opening comments on us:-

     “The Pound is actively involved in social initiatives; their latest, Donate-a-Drink, encourages customers at the Depot café to donate the cost of a coffee to the local food bank. The Depot will, in turn, donate the equivalent amount in Lewes Pounds so visitors to the food bank can have a treat. If one is looking for a model of a successful, sustained currency with truly noteworthy aims, Lewes has to be a place to examine.”

The Donate a Drink scheme started back in the autumn and (topped up by some of the Lewes Pound's own charitable funds) enabled us to give 80 envelopes of Lewes Pounds to users of the 3 Lewes food banks in the run-up to Christmas. They were very well received and initial feedback reports that some recipients used them to visit the Depot; others ate out at the Bus Club pizzeria or the John Harvey Tavern; one teenager was able to buy clothes at Oxfam; and others spent them in the Riverside or Bags of Books or were intending to spend them at the Flint Owl Bakery. That is quite a few local Lewes businesses benefitting from the scheme, to say nothing of the pleasure given to those able to enjoy a treat not normally within their budget.

And it doesn't stop there. The Donate a Drink scheme continues at the Depot – and we would like in due course to extend it to other local coffee shops. It is very easy. When you order a drink or a meal at the Depot ask to also Donate a Drink and an extra £3 will be added to your bill. It makes only a small difference to you but the smile on the faces of those receiving the money to spend on a treat is priceless. The money accumulates in a special fund at the Depot and will be handed over to the Lewes Pound in time for us to give out more envelopes before Easter. Please help. This is a small way to make a big difference to some of the less fortunate in our town.

NB You can ‘Donate-a-drink’ at the Depot in either sterling or Lewes Pounds.