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Can being vegan save the planet?
Friday 25th January 2019
Upstairs at the Elephant & Castle 7.00 for 7.30 start - 9.15pm.
A stimulating exploration of the issues, both positive and negative, that a plant based diet can bring to the well being of animals, humans and the environment.
Daphne Lambert - chef, nutritionist, author & environmentalist, has eaten a plant based diet for 30 years.
Daphne is the founder of Greencuisine Trust, a food education charity, which inspires ways to grow, process and eat food that nourishes people and minimises harm to the environment.
A member of Vegan Runners will also give their perspective. 


Plastic Free Lewes - a year in review

Juliet Oxborrow and Sue Fleming, co-ordinators of Plastic Free Lewes, look back at its first year of plastic action and what’s happening in 2019.

When we first thought about setting up Plastic Free Lewes last autumn it was partly in response to people increasingly asking us if Transition Town Lewes (TTL) was doing anything about plastic pollution.


Given that TTL had spent a decade trying to encourage less dependence on fossil fuels, it only seemed logical that we addressed the other side of the petro-chemical coin: the rapid and downright terrifying increase both in disposable plastic production and a growing mountain of waste with which even the UK, with its sophisticated waste management infrastructure, was struggling to cope.

We launched Plastic Free Lewes with a screening of the powerful documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ at Depot Cinema in December 2017. Scheduled just a couple of weeks before Christmas, we were sceptical that anyone would want to turn out during the height of the festive season to watch a film documenting the pitiful plight of sealife unknowingly ingesting the world’s plastic detritus (and the disturbing knock-on effect that was potentially having on human food chains). Read more...



How well do you know your milk?

In recent years there has been a movement away from consuming cow’s milk, and plant milks from nuts, seeds, grains and legumes have become increasingly popular.

In this video, nutritionist, author and environmental campaigner Dphne Lambert of Greencuisine Trust looks at some of the issues surrounding cows milk:

Now take a look at this:

The pros & cons of plant milks...


Tingle's Way

Tingle’s Way is a self-guided trail with themed stories linking the town of Lewes with our natural surroundings. It's also a tribute to Colin Tingle who played a key role in heightening our awareness of how our lives are intertwined with all of life and living systems and especially how ecosystem services benefit our economy and society. He achieved this through workshops and guided Naturegain walks he led in person as part of L&OVe (Lewes and Ouse Valley Eco-nomics). Tingle’s Way is a natural progression from Colin’s work inspiring us and offering us the opportunity to strengthen our connections for a more sustainable future.  Here's the story...


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Although we’re all volunteers and we provide our own content for the TTL newsletter and website, they cost us money to produce each month. Getting grants for running costs is nigh on impossible these days so we rely on donations to help. We hope you enjoy and value it as the only independent non-political environmental newsletter in the local area. We are struggling a bit to make ends meet so please consider even a small monthly amount to help us continue, and if you already donate, possibly increase it a bit?

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The four most effective things you can do 

  OK, we’re combating plastic, we’re protesting on climate change and species extinction, we’re signing every online petition that comes into our email inbox and we’re donating to Greenpeace. But are you still wondering whether you’re doing enough personally? Feeling guilty about shopping in supermarkets, turning on the central heating or flying off on holiday? John Simpson, Radio 4’s world affairs editor, recently reported on an optimistic message from Christiana Figueres (left), UK-based Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. See how you check out with the four things she suggests you do personally. (Note she doesn’t mention abolishing Lewes Bonfire.) more

Today Programme, Radio 4, 7.41am Saturday November 3rd 2018 - read the transcript here...

See for her TED talk on optimism and the Paris Accord. 


Transition is about the creation of resilient communities. It's not about campaigning but designing. It's about putting in place systems that will help us to deal with the big changes that are on the way. Those changes will be in three main areas: energy, the economy and the environment. Read more and get linked in to the bigger picture!

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