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Switching to an independent renewable energy supplier

Send a message to the Big Six energy companies: switch to an independent renewable supplier. It can be easier than you think, and prices are competitive.

26 Nov 2013.

Worth Watching - The Story of Stuff

Take inspiration from these short, fun clips about the life cycle of stuff we consume. There may be a way of using these to spread awareness of the issues and if you have ideas and are keen to work on a project relating to this, TTL would be happy to hear from you.

The Story of Stuff from The Story of Stuff Project

18 Nov 2013.

News from East Sussex Credit Union

If you have long been meaning to join the East Sussex Credit Union, there is a new opportunity! You can now join online and save and borrow knowing your cash is staying local and going to help the community in East Sussex. You can still visit the Brighton office on weekdays between 10am and 3pm, and the Lewes help point is open on Wednesdays from 10am to 12 noon in the community flat on De Montfort estate. For more help points see website

Our Credit Union also offers Workplace Savings & Loans Schemes, with payments made direct from employees' payrolls.  These are currently available for staff at ESCC, Lewes and Wealden District Councils, Eastbourne Borough Council, East Sussex Fire and Rescue, Brighton & Hove Buses, University of Brighton and  Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust, among others.  Anyone working for these employers can contact us to arrange membership and take advantage of the services on offer. Further details can be found on the Workplace Schemes page of the ESCU website.

We are also looking for willing employers to join this scheme, as we believe that this offers a valuable service to employees.  Please get in touch if you think your place of employment and colleagues could benefit.

18 Nov 2013.

New ways of thinking and a new word to match: 'Naturegain'

Naturegain  is a word who’s meaning captures what nature does for us and how we can help. As an example:

All our water comes from Nature. But did you know that, in Lewes, we don’t get all our water from reservoirs; much of our water actually comes from groundwater? This is because of our setting in the local chalk hills and is influenced by the way the chalk landscapes are managed. Rainwater percolates through the chalk rock and then comes out from springs or is pumped from bore holes. We pay the local water company because they provide the infrastructure and management (pumps and pipes and ‘stuff’), but behind the engineering, water is a product of naturegain.

Clean air is also a product of naturegain. It is natural processes – principally living plants – that produce the oxygen we breathe. Perhaps less obviously, the economy comes into it too! According to one of the Senior Managers at Deutsche Bank, naturegain (although he calls it ‘natural flows’) is a very important part of the ‘invisible economy’ (more). Without naturegain, our economies would not function as we know them. However, its contribution is invisible because it is not given a monetary value by conventional economic measures and indicators. Naturegain is an ‘externality’, which means it is not accounted for in the economy.

And here’s the other side of the equation! Past a certain point, we only gain from nature if nature gains from us. We need to invest in nature to get what we need from natural processes and systems. So naturegain includes the gain that nature gets from us! The problem here is that because it is invisible in the economy, normal economic progress and growth often leads to destruction or degradation of nature. This is a bit like cutting off the legs of a chair in order to put wood on the fire and then expecting to be able to sit on the chair to enjoy the warmth of the fire. What is needed then is to re-gain nature.

All this is what naturegain says in one simple word! (watch it as a slideshow for best results)

1 Jan 1970.
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