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When four Lewes societies paraded figures of Donald Trump on Bonfire Night last month, his election to The White House had still seemed unlikely; unreal.  But in a matter of days the recently ratified UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change was looking vulnerable under a future President who had previously talked of "scrapping" it.  He has since declared he has “an open mind” on the deal, but could a single administration manage to sabotage a worldwide agreement that had taken decades to reach?  Read more by Judith Knott...


Ovesco & Ringmer Community College launch solar energy share offer

Parents & members of the local community in Ringmer are being invited to invest in new solar panels installed on Ringmer Community College’s roof. This is a joint initiative involving the school & Ouse Valley Energy Services Company (Ovesco). To apply for shares download the application form here...


Can you help?

   The Lewes Pound is looking for volunteers to support local businesses using social media. Many businesses promote offers & incentives that are of benefit to residents of Lewes. Simply by re-tweeting these local messages we can support our local independent shops & services. If you can help please contact Susan ( or Patrick ( Thank you!



Keep It In the Ground Lewes is looking for more people to re-launch the group. There are now groups all over East Sussex asking the county council pension fund to divest, and hopeful signs from other pension funds. And 43 UK universities have pledged to dump investments in fossil fuels. More: The Guardian


There is still a great need to keep up the pressure on fossil fuels, so please contact Arnold Simanowitz on 01273 480011 or email if you can help.

Background information here...


TTL December Social

7.30pm, Monday 19th December, The Lewes Arms

  Don't miss the monthly Transition Town Lewes get-together. If you're new to TTL or just want to find out more, come along and share your ideas, whether you're interested in local food growing, renewable energy, green transport, inspiring films and talks, or something else. Everyone warmly welcome. Call Juliet on 07887 556 177. (There's no room booked so just wander round until you find us!)


LED Lighting

Confused about lightbulbs and wha to buy? Is it worth changing your existing ones for LED?


Read this excellent new short easy guide: LED Lighting: A Beginner's Guide (2016) by one of our local Eco Open House hosts, Jill Goulder.

And see here for some illustrations of LED ‘warm’ lighting.


Help fund local solutions to global problems

Transition Town Lewes (TTL) is a voluntary organisation with many dedicated people offering their time, effort and knowledge to help make Lewes a thriving and sustainable community. As with any voluntary group, we do have regular costs to meet so that we can keep taking local action to address global problems like climate change and resource scarcity.

Invest in a sustainable future
Lewes can thrive with the collective energy and support of the people who live in and love this amazing town. Your donation will be used to support projects and ideas that can help assure sustainability - from renewable energy and green transport to local food-growing and new enterprise.

We produce a monthly email newsletter sent out to 1,000 people, maintain a website that acts as a hub of information, and put on numerous talks and events. With your help, we can do even more.

Give what you’re comfortable with, and know that your support makes all the difference.

What is Transition?

  When with TTL, Rob Hopkins asked people "What is Transition?". Here's what they told him...

Transition Town Lewes (TTL)  is a network of Lewes people. We’re working on local solutions in response to the global problems of climate change, economic change and the end of cheap energy and other resources.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet some of the people involved in project work for TTL.

And don't forget to subscribe to the TTL monthly newsletter to keep up to date with our news and events.

Transition is about the creation of resilient communities. It's not about campaigning but designing. It's about putting in place systems that will help us to deal with the big changes that are on the way. Those changes will be in three main areas: energy, the economy and the environment. Read more and get linked in to the bigger picture!

Tell everyone you know about Transition Town Lewes
Together we can achieve so much more. We’re fuelled by local ingenuity and a passion for positive change in challenging times. This is our town, our future, so get in touch to share your ideas and be involved.

Take a look at our events, read some news and hopefully, get inspired by what you find here.



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