Exaggerated threats: the EU Referendum results

A personal view by Dirk Campbell

  Because of the way life has evolved, organisms respond to immediate concerns rather than gradual ones – a threat from a predator, for example, rather than environmental change. Humans are like all other organisms in this respect. Because nature has bequeathed us the additional ability to imagine, we can also greatly inflate certain perceived threats and diminish others. Our criterion in any situation is: how does this directly affect my and my family's immediate safety and food supply? Most of us make our choices and decisions on that basis. So we ignore the dangers that we hope won't affect us directly, even constructing counter-arguments to prove that the dangers themselves are imaginary. Or acting in response to imagined dangers, and then regretting it. Such is the complexity of the human mind. Read more

A First Class Problem

  Most of us only take one or two flights a year at most, but we’re taxed the same as the tiny minority who fly all the time.

Here’s a better way: replace the current tax on flights with a fairer system that taxes people according to how often they fly.

Afreeride.org is campaigning for this change.

Petition to ESCC

Tuesday 12th July, 8.30am to 10am, County Hall, Lewes

  The petition to East Sussex County Council asking them to divest their pension fund from fossil fuels has reached well over 300 signatures and a group drawn from all over East Sussex and Brighton is planning to present it before the next full council meeting at County Hall in Lewes on 12th July. Since the petition started here, we would like to have good numbers from Lewes – so get in touch if you’d like to take part.

The Council meeting is scheduled to start at 10am, so we will assemble at 8.30am and finish at 10am. If you haven’t signed the petition it’s here...

Pesticide-Free Lewes Campaign

  A new campaign aims to persuade Lewes District Council to stop using all toxic pesticides in Lewes District streets, parks, schools, and public spaces. There is clear evidence that pesticides used for weed control are harmful to human health (and especially harmful to children). Effective alternatives already exist which are not harmful to people, pets, and the environment. Furthermore, the use of non-toxic alternatives for weed control will encourage greater local biodiversity. Many cities have already become pesticide-free – in France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, and the US – and Lewes District needs to follow their example.

If you want to help the campaign, you can sign the petition or look out for one of the paper copies being circulated throughout Lewes District. If you'd like to get further involved in the campaign, contact pesticidefreelewes@gmail.com

Take a look at the Brighton-based Pesticide Action Network UK

Paying with your smartphone can be fun and rewarding!

The Lewes Pound Group has launched a new smartphone payment trial with positive business and social benefits up for grabs…

15 of our great, independent Lewes businesses have already started the pioneering journey to change the way we keep money working harder for a more sustainable and fairer local economy; and the number of businesses taking an interest is growing.
They are now accepting smartphone payments via Droplet Rewards, a new “Zero Touch” way to pay conveniently and to collect rewards at your favorite local businesses ….. AND with a few other benefits…

Find out which businesses accept Droplet Rewards by trying out the app….

Everyone with an i-Phone or Android smartphone or tablet and a UK bank account is invited to claim their free £5 introductory reward... More

EF Schumacher: Is Small the Next Big?


Are the visionary ideas of E F Schumacher, cult author of the 1970s classic Small is Beautiful, about to hit the mainstream?

Watch it on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer...

What is Transition?

  When with TTL, Rob Hopkins asked people "What is Transition?". Here's what they told him...

Transition Town Lewes (TTL)  is a network of Lewes people. We’re working on local solutions in response to the global problems of climate change, economic change and the end of cheap energy and other resources.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet some of the people involved in project work for TTL.

And don't forget to subscribe to the TTL monthly newsletter to keep up to date with our news and events.

Transition is about the creation of resilient communities. It's not about campaigning but designing. It's about putting in place systems that will help us to deal with the big changes that are on the way. Those changes will be in three main areas: energy, the economy and the environment. Read more and get linked in to the bigger picture!

Tell everyone you know about Transition Town Lewes
Together we can achieve so much more. We’re fuelled by local ingenuity and a passion for positive change in challenging times. This is our town, our future, so get in touch to share your ideas and be involved.

Take a look at our events, read some news and hopefully, get inspired by what you find here.



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